Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

4 large sweet potatoes, skin removed and sliced thin

2 cups sugar

1 tsp vanilla


Layer sweet potatoes in skillet, cover with sugar.

Cook on 4 on electric range for 1 hour, stirring as needed

Sprinkle vanilla after potatoes have cooked down and syrup is thick

Top with Cranberry Honey Butter for even richer taste!


Thanksgiving Crock Pot Ham

4 lb pre-cooked ham

1 can pineapple slices

1/2 cup brown sugar


Cut ham in half and put in long crock-pot, large side down

Melt brown sugar in drained pineapple juice

Arrange pineapple slices on ham

Pour melted sugar and juice in bottom of crock pot

Cook on low for 3-4 hours.


Thanksgiving Broccoli Rice Casserole

2 cups instant rice

16 oz frozen broccoli, thawed and patted dry

1 jar Tostitos Cheese Sauce ( or 1 jar Cheese Whiz)

1 can cream of broccoli or celery soup

1/2 soup can milk

1/2 cup Velveeta shreds

1 small can water chestnuts, chipped fine

2 cups frozen onions and peppers

1 stick butter or margarine


Saute onions and peppers in butter.

Mix all ingredients well

Cook on low in crock pot for 4 hours.

Stir halfway through.

Crock Pot Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs

1 1/2 lbs boneless country style pork ribs

1 onion, sliced in rounds

BBQ sauce

A1 sauce

1/3 cup water

Spices ( I used Perfect Pinch Garlic and Bell pepper)



Wash ribs

Pour A1 and BBQ sauce over them

Sprinkle spices on ribs

Mix well

Layer onion in bottom of crock pot

Pour water over the onion

Place ribs on top of onion

Pour more BBQ sauce on top and stir well

Cook on low for 7/8 hours

Not much to look at, but Wayne said they were delicious!